Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Meade ETX telescope!

I wanted a real telescope which would show me things like craters of the moon and rings of Saturn. So I started a big research for the best telescope. Best I mean ..portable, affordable yet powerful. I would regularly read telescope reviews by http://www.cloudynights.com/ and http://www.scopereviews.com/ etc .The telescope reviews by ‘Scope reviews’ were really superb. I would frequently visit the leading telescope selling sites like Meade,Celestron, Orion telescopes and binoculars etc. (http://www.meade.com/ http://www.celestron.com/c3/home.php, http://www.telescope.com/control/main/) Orion’s site was very good. There was a section named ‘learning center’. It has got so many astronomy articles and a great star chart. It’s the best star chart I’ve ever seen.(http://www.telescope.com/control/learning-center-this-monthly-starchart)After the intense research and detailed studies I finally decided to buy a Meade ETX, because of its ultra portability and superb image quality!! Then I started searching for the best place to buy it. At last I found the website of ‘woodlandhills camera and telescope’. Its in Woodland Hills, CA, USA (http://telescopes.net/doc/0). There was a very cool offer for Meade ETX Astro telescope. My uncle Joseph in US helped me to buy it. The basic package consisted of the telescope and a 25mm eyepiece. But I purchased a 9mm plossl eyepiece too. If you want to see the moon in close up, you need a 9mm. I also purchased a Barlow lens and a moon filter. This Barlow lens is a remarkable thing! It literally doubles the power of any eye piece!! So if you have two eyepieces and a barlow lens, its like you possess four eyepieces!

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